The ANA Gas Production Platform is a normally unattended installation (NUI), hosting four wells, located in the water depth of 70 m and at 100 km offshore Black Sea.

The Jacket is a 4-legged, x-braced structure. There is one pile (72” dia. / 1829 mm) per leg, attached via grouted sleeve and shear plates.


The following faces of the platform will have the following duties:

– North face: Pipeline and umbilical access to the platform.
– East face: Drilling rig access to the platform.
– South face: Boat access to platform.
– West face: Helicopter access to platform and escape craft egress from platform.

The platform topside systems are arranged within the following three levels:

– Cellar deck (14.5 meters above LAT), hosting the Ana wellheads, Ana to GTP export pipeline facilities, space for temporary pig launchers/receivers, MEG injection pumps and subsea support systems (HPU and TUTU) and space for future riser reception
– Mezzanine deck (19.8 meters above LAT), hosting the local equipment room, MEG storage tank, production manifold (with multiphase meter), antenna/communications bunkering station, DIFFS drains tank and escape lifeboat.
– Weather deck (26.74 meters above LAT), hosting the helideck, power generation facilities, diesel storage, nitrogen storage, crane plus deck integrated firefighting system (DIFFS) facilities.


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