This project refers to the conversion of a container vessel into a livestock carrier vessel.

The project was approved by Bureau Veritas (BV) and executed under Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Ireland (IRISH) and Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) Rules. The total net cargo area distributed on 6 cargo decks is about 6000 square meters.



117.90 m


17.90 m


8.00 m

Ahead speed

16.00 knots

Alongside Queensland, our team completed various other livestock vessel conversions:

ALDELTA – Total Cargo Area: 7799.27 Sq.m
AMIRA LOLA – Total Cargo Area: 1907.57 Sq.m
ATLANTIC M – Total Cargo Area: 3807.4 Sq.m
EXPRESS 1 – Total Cargo Area: 3792 Sq.m
HOLSTEIN EXPRESS – Total Cargo Area: 5217.6 Sq.m
NORLAND – Average Loading Capacity: 2000 cattles
POLARIS 2 – Average Loading Capacity: 7500 cattles
SARAH – Net Cargo Area: 2900 Sq.m
TRANSPORTER – Average Loading Capacity: 3300 cattles


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