The LAMDA Crude Oil Platform is designed to function as a normally unattended installation (NUI), remotely operable under all weather conditions.

The installation is designed with the minimal facilities required to safely control production, as well as to enable drilling and well interventions.


The Jacket is a four-legged 4-leg Jacket tubular structure suited for the water depth of 37.7 m WD. The structure comprise of the following:

– Three bay Jacket with plan size of 20.0mx20.0m at mudline and 15.0mx14.375m at top working points.
– Horizontally braces provided at El. +6.00m, -7.00m, -23.00m, -34.50m.
– Legs having the first portion between mudline and -22.1m straight and the second portion between -22.10m and +7.0m inclined with a batter.
– Conductor guides at El. +6.00m, -7.00m, -23.00m for No. 15 30” conductors
– Two sided boat landing on North and West Jacket rows
– One 20” sump caisson from +7.0 to -9.0m
– One 10” riser
– Two 6” risers

LAMDA deck is composed by four main levels:

– Cellar deck El. +8.85m TOS partial (for drain tank)
– Production deck El. +12.50m TOS for process, utilities. LER
– Mezzanine deck El. +16.30m TOS partial (for wellhead service)
– Drilling deck El. +20.0m TOS for drilling equipment

The deck is supported by means of four legs (interface with the jacket). The legs are welded tubular Ø1200.


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